The Kantipur Abroad Consultant is a newly established firm with a vision of peaceful, equitable world enriched by the international exchange of ideas and greater understanding between people and cultures. We offer end-to-end services in visa aid, travel assistance, and undergraduate and postgraduate admissions along with IELTS/TOEFL tutorial services thus, making us a one-stop shop for abroad study. Many of our dynamic and well-informed counselors have studied and worked overseas so they are able to empathize with the student’s needs and constraints.

About Us

Kantipur Abroad Consultant is sister company of Kantipur Holidays Pvt. Ltd. which is located in Lazimpat-02, Kathmandu, Nepal. Kantipur Holidays Pvt. Ltd is a leading travel company in Nepal offering a wide range of travel products, solutions and services. Able Nepal Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal, Fishtail Travel and Tourism LLC Dubai UAE and Greenline Travel & Tourism LLC Abu Dhabi UAE are the other sister companies of Kantipur Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

Kantipur Abroad Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is founded with the goal of offering the best service in the abroad education consultant industry. We offer our guidance and support to our students throughout their process for studying abroad, including counseling, admissions, and visa applications. We believe that education is a fundamental right of all people, and that they have complete control over the which, where and how to receive it. We communicate, understand, and research student perspectives in order to deliver superior service based on this viewpoint.

Education and learning methods are rapidly changing in today's environment. The repercussions of such change on individuals and communities include a growing difficulty in understanding global culture and the workplace, transferring cultural values to younger generations, unhappiness with modern lifestyles, and a lack of opportunities to live a full life. This is a somber image, which is why Beyond Learning recognizes the need of developing the talents and leadership characteristics that today's students and educators require.

Our team is convinced that education, training, and awareness may make a difference and motivate us, and promote positive change to work toward a more fair and sustainable society and get closer to their goal of a better person, a better life, and a better planet.

Mission Vision and Goal

Mission statement

Our mission is to find the best courses for the student to pursue and guide the students from the first stage to the final stage in the process of leading them to their education destination. Assist students by introducing them to various educational environments around the world. With our unique quality of services for students and education providers, we strive to take the lead in the student consultancy business and set an example for others.

Our Vision

We want to excel as one of the best international service providers to the students who wish to study abroad. To successfully match students with their chosen courses at a suitable institution that are in the best interest of the student and represent their dreams and aspirations. To promote all round development of students’ abilities and personalities, and in the long term empower students to become global citizens.


We wish to be to serve the students locally and internationally and expand its services worldwide.


We inform and inspire students, providing them with all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to engage effectively and easily with the local as well as global communities to become a culturally perceptive citizen. This vision motivates us to find and develop safe and pocket-friendly programs while increasing the number of students’ participation and diverse participants.


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